You may have noticed a new logo on the website.  Good eye!  I know the change is subtle…

Just last week, Clifton Hill and I received a message that our name was treading over someone else’s name and they’d like us to stop doing that.  After a little back and forth, we said that we would definitely change the name and went to work brainstorming new ideas.

Unfortunately for us, it took us months to come up with the last one, so changing it in a matter of days is pretty difficult. We made a quick logo change on Friday, I think, to show good faith that we were working to correct the situation.

Apparently, that wasn’t good enough.  Time was not on our side.

We did come up with a very long list of possible new names for the comic, but, alas, we have learned our lesson and want to do more due diligence this time around and make sure there isn’t a widget maker out there in the vast universe who is using some name from our list.

With no other options available to us, we are faced with having to un-name our comic for a while.

So until we have a name we both can agree on AND that no one else is using, we’re just going to call it the ‘Super Awesome Unnamed Comic’.

Oh – and the url will be changing when we have the new name.  Don’t worry – we’ll redirect you.  Problem is, can’t do the new url without a name…