It ’twas a busy weekend and it has certainly been extra busy ever since the birth of my son, whom I’ll refer to on the “internets” as Nemo. (There’s a good reason for that and it may or may not have to do with the great movie by Pixar.) We had a Meet Nemo party for close family to see him for the first time and the house was quite busy with the comings and goings of family. Add a dash of some restless nights and I’ll let you piece together the rest.

So go ahead and take that vacation into the woods, or that exotic cruise where the internet is a far and unfamiliar thing, because you won’t miss your favorite snarky cat and cool-hat-wearing Patrick.

Then come back for the triumphant return next Tuesday 8/9/2011.

Be there.

P.S. Want something sooner? I’m perfectly willing to take bribes in lieu of sleep.