Shadow Bytes will be on hold for the next month or two. We’re having a blast bringing it to you each and every week, we just celebrated our 50th strip since the official unveiling 2/15/11. But unfortunately duty calls and the litter box is full.

What? It’s a comic with a cat, that analogy totally fits.

For those of you that follow the comic regularly this may come as no surprise, but due to some other work and responsibilities, my art hand is not getting the attention it properly deserves. I hope that didn’t come off as sounding odd. It probably did. My apologies.

During the time off from postings I will be focused on building up an actual buffer to make sure that this kind of interruption doesn’t happen again and Patrick will be focused on making more epic-cool comic stories. The buffer is something I should have focused on from the comic’s birth, but I was too eager for it to begin.

We’ll keep you apprised of the comic’s status, so stay tuned and tell your friends, because when we come back, we’ll be better than ever.