Hi everyone, it’s been a while. Sorry to say, it’s been a lot longer of a “while” than I was hoping for. A new child in the house, flux on the job, losing the job, training for another, all has taken its toll.

But…the show must go on, and Shadow Bytes is a great creative outlet for me. I like to draw and I’ve really missed having that weekly chance to grind some graphite and slick it down in Flash.

And poor Patrick, he’s got all of this great writing that needs to be sketched out into four-panel fun.

We’ll be back! I won’t give an estimate, yet—suffice it to say I hope to be able to start drawing again soon.

Hope everyone is off to a great New Year, and maybe 2012 will be the year of the Cat… Ok, quick Googling on that one, looks like it is the year of the Dragon! Hey that’s even more awesome, besides I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Shadow say that he thinks of himself as part Dragon, perhaps on the paternal side.