Ok, and that’s your cue to hash up your most annoying, obnoxious solicitor phone call or pyramid-styled-make-money-quick scheme.

I’ve been there, years back, when I was looking for something that paid well and had flexible hours for my college years. Went to a hotel in Pleasanton, where a conference room was rented out and there were 7-10 other suckers…I mean “potential applicants” for an amazing opportunity with a company specializing in skin care and healthy products. It took nearly an hour for them to cut to the chase and note that, though you could start out right away, the best way to make the system work for you was to sell $5000 worth of merchandise first.

Yeah, right.

All along, there were 10-15 other suckers…I mean “professional distributors” that were clapping and hamming it up from the back row—the veritable laugh track, designed to make us all feel at home and confident in the amazing opportunity that we just HAD to jump aboard.

Biggest waste of time…EVER.